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What if 60 days could change everything?

What if you could check off a long list of sales and revenue challenges with one solution?

What if you could be everywhere customers shop, every time they shop?

What if every product you sell had a dedicated expert to educate customers and close the deal?

What if you could improve the service experience before, during and after the sale?

What if there was a software solution that costs less and does more to link sales and operations and insights than anything you’ve ever seen?

Now, what if you could try it free for 60 days? Talk about a no‑brainer.

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5 Ways VIBA ® Improves Your Business:

  • Broadens and Deepens all Customer Engagements
  • Delivers Exceptional Sales & Customer Service
  • Captures Data & Drills Down Insights
  • Drives A True Omnichannel, Customer-Driven Strategy
  • Accelerates Sales, Lead Generation & Customer Satisfaction

Meet the software platform that has industries reimagining Customer Engagements

What’s VIBA®?

VIBA® is a go‑anywhere sales team.

It’s a data capture and reporting guru.

It’s an omnichannel kick into high gear.

It’s the most economical way to engage customers and scale growth you’ve ever seen. VIBA® is the world’s first fully interactive digital engagement platform, and it lives to solve today’s top retail sales and operational challenges.

High‑Tech Goes High‑Touch

VIBA® allows customers to:

  • Speak with Virtual and Live Agents
  • Watch product demos
  • View testimonials
  • Hear from celebrities and influencers
  • Go over prices and options
  • Discuss use cases
  • Even catch live broadcasts

Every VIBA® engagement is a oneonone experience, shared between a customer and an agent who is ready to answer questions and provide personalized assistance. No apps to download. No plugins required. VIBA® runs off a branded microsite that launches engagements whenever and wherever your customers need assistance.

No credit card required.

How VIBA Works

QR Code and Weblink Engagements

The full VIBA® experience can be launched by scanning a QR Code on any product, display, shelf, sign, advertisement, kiosk, billboard – anything. Those shopping from home can click a link on your website to launch the same unique engagement. One scan or click and VIBA® delivers:

What’s Included In Your 60Day Trial?

A lot! You get more than enough free features to fully understand how impactful VIBA® will be for your business. Granted, we’re not able to include everything the software can do in a free trial, but your 60 days will leave no doubt that VIBA® is a gamechanger. We’ll go into all the details when we set up your trial, but in a nutshell, you get:

  • Unlimited Engagements

    We want you to launch as many VIBA® interactions with as many customers as possible!

  • Two Software Licenses

    Enjoy full access for two of your top agents who will be able to launch VIBA® and live video chat with customers anytime, including calling up product demos, promo codes, sales collateral, product specs, and other content to help complete the transaction.

  • White-Labeled Microsite

    This branded site is where we’ll host all media and content for up to 5 products. You can include demos, PDFs, documents, testimonials, videos, whatever works best to drive sales.

  • Up to 10 QR Codes

    Place them anywhere you want to drive engagements – on products, displays, signage, advertisements, countertops, marketing collateral, you name it.

  • Weblink

    Shoppers can launch VIBA® around the clock from their homes, offices, anywhere there’s internet.

  • Pre-Programmed Virtual Agent

    We’ll create a 30-second scripted introduction delivered by Valerie, our virtual avatar, prior to routing customers to a Live Agent.

  • Busy Bot

    If both your agents are busy assisting other customers, this bot will schedule call-backs so prospects are never left waiting on hold.

  • Text Chats

    An easy way to answer simple questions and deliver new promo possibilities to those who prefer to type rather than talk.

  • Reporting Dashboard

    Measure ROI by tracking comprehensive data around every VIBA® engagement, including audio recordings of every interaction.

No credit card required.

No Credit Card Information Required

Free trial really means free trial!

We don’t want your credit card information. We’re not going to start billing you once the trial ends. All we want is for you and your customers to experience VIBA®. First, we wow you and your customers. Then, we can talk about licensing the software and implementing your own customized VIBA® program.

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What Can 60 Days Show You?

You’ll see smartphones transform into sales engines.

Websites will become conversion winners.

The staff you have on the floor will deliver even better service with instant access to product details thanks to VIBA®. Plus, when they’re busy helping other customers, VIBA® will pick up the slack with instant QR Code and Weblink engagements.

For 60 days, you’ll never miss an opportunity to provide customers with personalized, powerful, meaningful, and measurable experiences.

Oh yeah, and your awesome testdrive is free. Win Big during this 60 days and experience this gamechanging technology firsthand.

You can’t lose. You can only win.

Set Up My Free VIBA® 60‑Day Trial
ways you & your customers win
  • Real-time customer service 24/7/365
  • Scalable staffing with remote agents who can be stationed anywhere
  • Customers connect with the right person, right away for instant gratification and conversions
  • Overcome lost sales with faster, stronger, more responsive service
  • Sell now and later by capturing vital customer data with every engagement, be upselling all the time

See It. Believe It.
Without Having To Risk It.

VIBA® is retail’s first digital interactive sales, service, training, and support platform. There has never been a solution like it, and we’re so confident it will blow your mind, drive your bottom line, and wow your customers in ways they’ve never imagined, that we’re offering you 60 days to try it.

Costfree. Riskfree. Worryfree.

You have nothing to lose and can expect some remarkable gains. So, what do you say? Ready to see this gamechanger in action?

No credit card required.